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Date: 5/29/2007

DCampSouth – Design and Usability BarCamp – This Saturday

Jackson Fox writes to alert us about DCampSouth:

Date: June 2, 2007
Time: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM (Schedule)
Location: School of Communication Arts, Raleigh, NC

DCampSouth is a BarCamp for anyone interested in design and user experience… And it’s in the south. DCampSouth was inspired by DCamp, held in May 2006 in Palo Alto, CA. The goal of DCampSouth is to bring together people of all professions interested in user experience and design, to help foster communication between professions, and help foster community.

Friendster founder details failures (?)

Today at 1 pm EDT WUNC’s Dick Gordon interviews Jonathan Abrams, founder of Friendster. The Story is described here:

Jonathan Abrams founded Friendster – the first online social network to attract millions of users. The site was wildly successful after its launch in 2002, and by 2003, Jonathan faced two options: sell out to Google for $30 million, or partner with private investors.

Jonathan chose to partner, and in his eyes, things went downhill from there. By 2004, Friendster had been eclipsed by sites like MySpace and, more recently, Facebook.

Dick talks with Jonathan about what he learned from the success and later failure of Friendster, and how he plans to compete with a new social networking project in what has become a very crowded field.

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