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Date: 6/6/2007

F/LOSS Health Care in Africa

Discussed over lunch today with great INTRAHealth folks:

Discovering Cleveland County, NC

I had a good meeting with historians, folklorists, and a lot of good people for Shelby, NC who are planning the “Earl Scruggs Center: Music and Stories of the Carolina Foothills” to be established in the beautiful old Cleveland County Courthouse there.

One of the special pleasures was meeting Earl Scruggs and his son Gary, but then there were some interesting discoveries about Cleveland County, which were pleasurable in themselves.

Associated with the Scruggs Center will be the Don Gibson Theater. Gibson, who wrote a good number of hits including “I can’t stop loving you,” is buried there in Shelby with a Masonic marker on his memorial.

Also from Shelby are Heavyweight Floyd Patterson, “The Clansman” author Thomas Dixon, B Movie Maker Earl Owensby and NBA star David Thompson.

In foodways, Shelby is truly mysterious. Until recently Shelby hosted an annual Liver Mush Festival as well as a whole food, meatfree, Biblically correct Hallelujah Diet retreat center, Hallelujah Acres. Neither of these should be confused with the Shelby Hamfest, which is not about eats, but about Amateur Radio.

The downtown of Shelby was the first National Register of Historic Places Main Street Community.

Now I need to get down there and check out Cleveland County myself.

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