Long Leaf Opera
Tonight, The Long Leaf Opera will be putting on the world premier of “Strange Fruit” an opera in English with an American subject based on Lillian Smith’s best-selling novel which was in turn based on the Billie Holiday song. This will be in Real Life.

77 Million
Staying amongst the Long, Bryan Campen alerts us to The Long Now Foundation‘s presentation of:

The Second Life premiere of Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings, in partnership with metaverse services company blueair.tv.

The work will be both streamed via video at select locations inside Second Life, while a rendition of 77 Million Paintings has been created by blueair.tv creative partner Annabeth Robinson, known virtually as AngryBeth Shortbread.

Two evenings, June 29th and 30th, are open to the general public at multiple venues across Second Life, with the largest public area provided by Joi Ito (Kula Sims). The final night, July 1st, is a private event that will be held in appreciation for Long Now members worldwide (members.longnow.org) and hosted on the Leeds College of Art and Design’s Digital Media Sim. Members of The Long Now Foundation staff and board will also be visiting the Second Life sims throughout the weekend and during the member event on Sunday evening.

Still in Second Life, Duke’s Cristin Paul alerts us to Philanthropists in SL:

MacArthur President Jonathan Fanton and Second Life CEO Philip Rosedale are inviting us to an event we can’t miss. They will host a dialogue, in Second Life, as their avatars (yes, the President of one of the largest foundations in the world has an avatar) discuss the role of philanthropy in virtual environments. Engaging in these conversations early and directly with Second Life participants will help understand and identify ways the philanthropic sector can serve the public in the virtual world.

WHEN: Friday June 22, 2007, 9 am PST (noon EST).

Mast Store
I’ll be in the mountains and off the grid for most of next week enjoying life otherwise. Light blogging at best.