Huffington Post announces their citizen journalism project,, which will include Zack Exley in the leadership. “Our disparate mix of citizen reporters won’t be part of the mainstream pack covering the campaigns — and will come at it from a wide range of different angles and perspectives, adding a new dimension to campaign journalism” says Lulu Blooker judge Arianna Huffington.

OffTheBus will partner with Jay Rosen’s Jay in the meantime is having it out with Progressive printbound presspeople of Mother Jones over their Politics 2.0 package. The discussion crosses several fora, but the place to start is Jay’s PressThink blog post “Mother Jones invites you to question if the Politics 2.0 revolution really lives up to its hype.” where the MoJoes confess somewhat to attempting to debunk the net as a political force in the comments.

Speaking of debunking and reconsidering and rehabilitating, Uncle Remus creator and story collector Joel Chandler Harris’ house/museum gets a re-inspection and his writing and agenda get attention in the NYTimes as “Rehabilitating Uncle Remus (and His House in Atlanta)” a tale of times and complexity. Will Uncle Remus’ wisdom and African culture carrying be taught and considered in the context of Harris and the South’s complicated and difficult (and decidedly wrong noted) song? The Wren’s Nest, Chandler’s home and historic site, aims to try. (Harris’ Uncle Remus stories are available as text and as audio on the ibiblio-hosted Project Gutenberg).

The Long Leaf Opera‘s season started with a curative to the questions ignored by Harris (music by Chandler Carter) as they staged “Strange Fruit.” Roy Dicks of the News and Observer reviews the Long Leaf’s season favorably as “Festival shows Long Leaf Opera’s growth.”

Speaking of props, Wikipedia gets love from the NY Times Magazine for their/our neutral point of view and news coverage in “All the News That’s Fit to Print Out” (How did the world’s biggest online encyclopedia turn into a leading source of daily journalism?).