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Date: 8/27/2007

My problem with Thomas Edison

He was so obsessed with making DC the standard that he went to some pretty extreme lengths to show up Westinghouse and Tesla including electrocuting cats, dogs and an elephant — with AC of course. But there is more as Pinky explains in “Thomas Edison Hates Cats.”

PT Saga: stall and odd codes

This has been one of our cooler days. Only 90 as I drove around doing errands. A short trip to Staples — 5 miles. Then to Lowes about 3 miles. Then to Office Max about 2 miles more. Perfect performance. In fact, no PT problems for almost a year. And a recent but not too recent maintenance went well.

But on coming out of Office Max, I tried to start the car. Nothing happened. We had noises but mostly that of the fan and belts. Not even a starter grind. A lot of hopping around on the dials, but the engine didn’t show hot and no lights looked odd.

I did the error display mojo and after the countdown from 11111111 to 99999999 in the odometer. I saw:
Ab5 or AbS

Next up a call to AAA and Chrysler in the morning.

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