First there was my horoscope on Facebook with this warning: Working with computers will cause you some problems. This is not because of the technology but more because of the people you’re involved with. Opt for an old-fashioned way of doing something during this cycle rather than relying on inventions and modern gadgets, or worse still, people who promise a lot but deliver nothing.

Nice message to wake up to before giving a talk.

Then the storms. We have quit having rain in North Carolina. Of course I didn’t bring rain gear. Heck, I can’t even remember when I last needed rain gear or where I left my rain gear. I have no mental picture of rain gear. Another sign I was sure.

Then the set up of the room was too easy and too quick. I had kept my slides low tech and simple to be sure but it was all too easy. Now that’s a disturbing sign!

I met the former governor of Kansas who was also the Archivist of the United States. That was I think a good sign or was it a sign of how badly I was about to embarrass myself and my host?

As it turns out, the talk went well. I started and ended on time — always a good sign ;-> — and we had great questions and discussion afterwards.

On to meetings around campus for the next two days.