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Date: 12/12/2007

Poem in Sunday’s NandO

Perhaps the shortest and most compact poem that I’ve written — except for a couple of haiku assignments that aren’t worth mentioning even tho I just mentioned them — will be on the News and Observer Book Page this coming Sunday December 16th.

“Seven Deadly Friends” is a brief take on the famous Seven Deadly Sins. Just in time for Advent! Thanks Marcy.

Thinkism at the Wolfsonian Museum

Welcome toThinkism
Signed on and was recently confirmed for a panel at Web Wise 08 to be put on by the Institute for Museum and Library Services and Florida International University at the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami on March 5 – 7.

The Wolfsonian send a large packet about itself explaining among other things their concept of Thinkism: What man makes, makes man. This has inspired quite a bit of discussion on Thinkism here in the ibiblio brain-center. Does it mean I don’t have to clean up my office, for example?

Willy Volk explains Thinkism in Gadling’s Weekend in Miami this way:

The idea behind Thinkism is contained in Wolfson‘s phrase, “What man makes, makes man.” In other words, by examining the products, propaganda, and artwork that people have created over the years — and thinking about them — we can begin to understand objects as human ideas, concerns, and aspirations and start to understand why the world looks the way it does.

It’s more than just looking at a beautiful painting; it’s about considering an object, thinking about where and why it was made, and what role it plays in society. In this way, we make connections among everything in the world, and come to realize that everything is inter-connected. Everything. From old book covers to old stoves…

Holiday Terms + WorldCat = ChristMasH Card

OCLC Research, the WorldCat folks, have created a neat-o mashup of Holiday terms, pie charts presented percentages of use and a search of the various resources as a kind of ChistMasH Card. Check it out.

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