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Date: 2/19/2008

Lessig to announce for Congress – March 1?

Change Congress
At least he admits that he is “considering” running for Congress in the California 12th District and he announces a considered platform of change and he actually defines change — in this video at Lessig 08.

Larry’s video is called “10 Minutes to Announce 2 Ideas” His considering running and what is going into that consideration including a bit about his opponent in the primary is one of those ideas. The other is the “Change Congress” movement which seems to be still launching.

Essential larnin’ ’bout the South

You need to know about sweet tea. If you live above the Sweet Tea Line, you are not in the South and you donno what sweet tea is. Do not explain to anyone about how you make tea in, say, New Jersey or Ohio. We will not listen.

Allen  and Son
About BBQ. You know how I feel. Don’t explain it to me. Eat the good stuff and hush up. Unless you are from the “mustard area of South Carolina”, in which case you best keep your distance. That’s for your own good.

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