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Date: 6/1/2008

Friends in the News

Ibiblio alum Kevin Gamiel gets a story on Slashdot as he alerts us all that Obama is looking for LAMP programmers.

J-school colleague, Leroy Towns, writes a longish, informative and opinionated piece in the News and Observer about the roles of Public Information Officers handling elected officials.

Roger McGuinn releases a 22 song CD of Folk Den material called “22 Timeless Tracks”. Camilla McGuinn reports of their visit and performance at the Astronaut Hall of Fame ceremony — includes pictures of Roger and astronauts and One Laptop Per Child.

Tim Tyson explains to Peder Zane of News and Observer about his statements concerning the Duke Lacrosse cases.

Paul Fernhout has a lot of advice for Princeton University which includes getting a clue from me — I suspect about FLOSS and about ibiblio in an article called “Post-Scarcity Princeton, or, Reading between the lines of PAW for prospective Princeton students, or, the Health Risks of Heart Disease.” Thanks Paul.

Rhode Island report

I was just up in Providence, Rhode Island for the OSHEAN’s Community Forum on “The Digital Citizen…Rights, Responsibilities and Impacts.” Being a Citizen (although not of Rhode Island) with digits (although at a limit of ten), I was especially suited to be on this panel and discussion. I was on the panel of storytellers with two lawyers: Heidi Wachs, Director of IT Policy and Privacy Officer for Georgetown University and RISD’s General Counsel and Internet Law professor Steven McDonald.

There is luckily a good blog that writes about our talking as I’m not so great about blogging about my own talks or panels that I’m on.

The blog and the site describe what went on, an innovative matching of discussion upfront followed by dinner chat, mostly on subject, and that followed by shifting “learning cafes” (without coffee!). The result was a lot of involvement by all the attendees and a good workout for the visiting experts (Heidi, Steven and me).

Mark Johnson of NCREN was there are well. Mark and his son, a RISD student, took me to visit Newport the next day and he posted some of the great pictures he took here.

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