I’m one of the folks who will be at Half Moon Bay in mid-July for the Fortune Brainstorm Tech meeting. You can take a look at the guest list and see easily which one is not like the other ones, as they used to say on Sesame Street. But you can help! If you know these folks and wanna have me give them your regards or say hey or whatever, drop me a note or leave a comment or a tweet.

But wait there is more! I just got a note from Fortune asking me (and all the others) three pressing questions. I’ll post my answers here as I construct them, but don’t wait for me. What would you answer:

1) What is the most exciting technology innovation you’ve seen in the past 12 months?

2) What is your biggest hope or fear for the future, and how does tech relate to it?

3) What should be the top priority for the next US president?