1) What is the most exciting technology innovation you’ve seen in the past 12 months?

iPhone and iPhone 2. The first to say seriously: This is not a phone that can do stuff, but a this that can do stuff that is also a phone. The this that it is is still being defined. The opening, even a slight opening, of the device internationally and to innovators along with the social construction of its use with define the “this” quite soon.

2) What is your biggest hope or fear for the future, and how does tech relate to it?

Our approach to pricing and for maintaining Net Neutrality effect and create both my hope and my fear. Charge for all use models versus charge when it seems appropriate models play a part in this as does ala carte pricing vs all you can eat pricing. Pricing at each point both as a philosophy and as a means of control of markets will constrain or make abundant the availability of innovations in information technology.

3. What should be the top priority for the next US president?

Bringing access to health care in the US up to the global standard. That means a complete realignment of our national health care strategies. The health care cost burden must shift from employment centric to, at least, nation centric to promote an effective ecosystem for innovation and competition.