Homegrown, Handmade: Art Roads and Farm Trails
What: Kickoff event for the Piedmont section of the travel guide
“Homegrown Handmade: Art Roads and Farm Trails”
When: Wednesday August 27 at 11 a.m.
Where: the Carolina Inn.á
Food: free ice cream from the NCSU dairy scooped by celebrity scoopers
Sponsor: NC Cultural Resources Department

The guidebook is the latest project for Homegrown Handmade, which is a project spearheaded by Cultural Resources and Cooperative Extension, through a grant from the Golden LEAF Foundation. They are working to put tourism dollars into rural counties by using what they call”Agri-Cultural” tourism. The mix of art roads and farm trails is pretty

The guide is a great key for day trips in the Piedmont (yes, that’s where we are) of North Carolina.
Here for more on the guidebook.

Just added “celebrity scoopers.” One will be sure to give particularly big scoops to journalists and to SILS folks. Just identify yourself as a journalist or SILSist to the scooper in question.