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3 Soups of Summer

While shopping at the world famous Carrboro Farmers Market on Saturday, I realized that I could make up some good cold soup for summer from the veggies there. As it turns out, I could make three different soups. Each soup is good cold or hot, blended or left chunky. And it’s sort of a tour of European soup culture by way of the USA.

Soup number one – vischyssoise or potato, leek and artichoke soup. (France via Louisiana) Beginning with this recipe for the Tabasco cookbook but varying by using veggie broth and a few other tricks.

Soup number two – gazpacho or white wine based tomato, pepper and cucumber soup. (Spain via California) Again starting with a Tabasco recipe then taking it vegan and changing cuke for squash and adding cilantro among other things. I did it all cold too.

Soup number three – vegetarian borscht or beet and cabbage soup with ginger. (Ukraine via North Carolina)

I”ll post recipes and ingredients later but you get the idea from the names. Versatile and easy and great after any hot day. We’re set for a week or so now with no more hot kitchen for the duration.

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  1. looks yummy and health!

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