The British graffiti artist, Banksy, practiced the art of giving art at four of New York’s fine museums.
At the Amercian Museum of Natural History, he hung his drawing of “Withus Oragainstus” a beetle with sidewinder missiles and satillite dish in the Hall of Diversity.
Withus Oragianstus
At the Brooklyn Museum, he hung a colonial era portrait with anti-war graffitti, “Soldier with a Spray Can.”
Soldier with a spary can
At the Museum of Modern Art, he hung “Discount Soup Can,” a silkscreen print that Warhol would appreciate.
Discount Soup Can
And at the Metropolotian Museum of Art, “You have beautiful eyes,” shows a period woman in a gas mask.
You have beautiful eyes
His site also has a short clip of him, dressed as Inspector Clousseau, installing his Brooklyn piece to the music of the Pink Panther Theme.