My experimental use of a wiki to build a conversation into the talk I just did down at beautiful and deerfilled Berry College was a great success (for me at least). Just like SlashDot interviews, I asked the folks who were coming to the talk to post their questions. There was no voting, as in Slashdot, as we were dealing with a smaller group of people and we would be physically proximate. All questions were more or less equal.
I was able to arrange the questions by topics and then run through them in a more or less coherent way (for me at least). One result is that my answers led to further discussion among us all and it was fun too. Many folks lingered and the conversations seemed to be continuing as we left.
Brian tried to take a couple of us to Havana’s in Rome where some sort of bikini team was promoting some kind of cigars. You needed to buy so many cigars to get to go upstair and meet them. We passed and took our conversation down the street.

Next week, we’ll see how well this approach works for Craig Silverstein of Google when he tries talking to about 700+ people on Thursay October 26.

Then for Halloween, I’ll be doing a keynote at the News and Observer‘s internal training/meetings. I’ve asked them to set up a wiki there so’s we can work on (at least) Two Way Journalism. With journalists, we might need to go to the SlashDot style of interview/talk under which the folks attending post questions then vote on them then I answer the top 10 or so.

Other ideas?