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Bob Sutor – IBM VP for Open Source – March 14

Bob SutorBob SutorBob Sutor
Who: Bob Sutor, IBM Vice President for Open Source and Open Standards
When: 3 pm Wednesday, March 14
Where: 116 Murphey Hall UNC-Chapel Hill
What: a public talk by and conversation with Bob about IBM and Open Source and Open Standards

More: Bob is involved in the Open Document Format standard, Eclipse and WebSphere, Second Life, The IBM Open Patents Pledge and more. See his very active personal blog.

Sponsors:, School of Information and Library Science, Carolina Open Source Initiative, IBM Centers for Advanced Studies


  1. Mr. Super-Awesome Paul, any chance you could change the COSI link to our wiki rather than the facebook group? Gracias!

  2. Paul

    4/20/2007 at 6:22 am

    Do you mean this one or this one?

  3. The first one. Been a while since I’ve checked this! We should probably blow away the second once we’ve made sure we’ve gotten all the contact moved to the new one.

    Additionally, how would we go about getting SILS sponsorship for this Software Freedom Day. Would we just need a SILS faculty adviser for that, or does it need to go through a faculty board or what?


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