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Breaking 100

In the past week, I’ve been to two UNC basketball games. The first was against Cleveland State (107 – 64). And the second against William and Mary (105 – 66). I can’t complain about winning and I was glad to see both oppponents to continue to scrap and play hard right to the last second.
I did wonder as many there did through our victorious euphoria “What would Dean have done?” These margins of victory are something that we rarely saw when Dean Smith was the coach. Dean believed in taking lopsided matches as an opportunity to play the whole bench. While the bench did see action, especially in the Cleveland State game, it was not to contain the score but as a warning to the starters. This is the sixth game this season in which UNC out scored their opponents by more than 30 points.

Are we seeing the great difference between Roy Williams and Dean Smith? Are we seeing Roy rebuilding the Carolina legend and reputation after some off years?

The good news is that the team played as a team with 6 players scoring in double figures vs Cleveland State and looked good in their passing against William and Mary.


  1. A vewy good point, Paul. I hadn’t thought of it this way.

    I heard a wild rumor that any Bojangles in North Carolina will give free fries (or something like that) to anyone who comes in and says “tarheels” on the day after UNC scores over 100 points in basketball. I haven’t bothered looking it up since I don’t think it could possibly be true. Has anyone else heard this?

  2. Yes the offer is real, but it’s for two Bojangles Sausage Biscuits for $1. I was in attendence at both recent 100+ home games and saw the Bojangles signs flash as the 100 mark as passed. The announcer was consistant in the offer. Go in the morning after the 100 breaking game. Ask for the Tar Heel 100+ Special (which is 2 sausage biscuits for $1).
    There is no mention of this on the Bojangles or the Tar Heel Blue website.

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