Yikes! The Carrboro Taco Trucks received letters saying that they were in zoning violation and would be charged $250 just to appeal, says Carrboro Citizen.

But the Trucks do have their defenders including Mayor Mark Chilton, Alderman Jacquie Gist and long time Carrboro businessman Cliff Collins.


Board of Aldermen member Jacquie Gist said she was unhappy to see the action taken on the basis of an anonymous complaint, saying it makes it hard to understand why the complaint was filed and what its motivation was.

“I am very worried by the real possibility that hard working entrepreneurs who are adding to our community could be put out of business and have their livelihood threatened. It is un-American and certainly un-Carrboro. If Carrboro can not offer a welcoming home to immigrants trying to achieve the American Dream then maybe I don’t know Carrboro as well as I think I do,” she wrote in an email response to The Citizen, adding that she had confidence that the town would find a workable solution.

Cliff Collins, owner of Cliff’s Meat Market, said he would likely file an appeal if necessary to keep the trucks in operation.

“I guess I understand both sides,” he said. “I don’t want to hurt anybody’s business. But I really think these trucks are an asset to our downtown.”

Collins said the trucks operate mainly at night and stay open later than most food establishments, adding to the vitality of the nightlife.


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