Brewster Kahle of and Michael Hart of Project Gutenberg were just on NPR Talk of the Nation talking “about how they intend to go about putting every book published online.”

Fred Stutzman, Terrell Russell and ClaimID are featured in a Reuter’s story “PluggedIn: Does your online image need a makeover?” by Paul Thomasch that is all over the

In case a home page or blog is too daunting, Fred Stutzman and Terrell Russell, two Ph.D. students at the University of North Carolina, have started a company named ClaimID that will consolidate and package search results for you.

“We haven’t invented any technology,” said Russell. “This stuff is already available. You can do this already if you care to read about it and learn and spend lots of hours.”

He adds, “You can fix you own car if you want to, too.”

ClaimID began with a small circle of friends in January 2006 before opening up to the public six months later. The free site now has about 17,000 members.

Russell said they started the site — which essentially allows you to consolidate your online identity in one place — when they realized that as Ph.D. candidates and teachers, their own students would be Googling them.