From Brian Russell via FaceBook:

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We are in Business!
From Carrboro Coworking
Today at 2:16pm
(Please forgive me if you’ve read this on the CC Google Group already.)

Howdy Coworkers, Guess what!?!? Tonight the Town of Carrboro Board of Alderman approved Carrboro Coworking‘s loan! After working nights and weekends for almost two years we finally did it. The business now has access to funds to jump-start this business.

The next big hurdle is to finalize lease negotiations. I am working with the Arts Center in Carrboro to sign a lease at 311 East Main Street. (That’s next to KFC, across from Performance Bike shop.) Carrboro Coworking will occupy the front half. There are several other pieces of this puzzle that must come together to make this happen. But fear not I have a plan B for a space in case this one doesn’t work out. (Though I believe it will. Its the space I’ve dreamt about from the very beginning!) One way or another we’ll be coworking in downtown Carrboro.

Another major piece of the puzzle is your participation. As soon as I have a signed lease I will be asking for your help. I will be offering discounted Full Time Coworker space for sale. I mention this now because even though I have access to the loan there is still a real need for working capital. In short without you participation I can’t make our space happen.

I’d like to thank James Harris the Economic Development Director for the Town of Carrboro for all his help. He has assisted me greatly. Not just the loan application process but for being a wonderful teacher and excellent person. For it was James that really encouraged me to write a business plan and found the help I needed to do that. Also a big thanks to the folks at the Small Business & Technology Development Center in Chapel Hill . They’re significant time and knowledge helped me learn how to start a small business.

Also a major thanks to my wife Ruby. Without listening to me go on and on about this I wouldn’t have made it to this point. xoxoxo

So stay tuned Coworkers. North Carolina’s first professional coworking space is on its way!