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Hotel coffee isn’t coffee. Especially not the stuff left in my room. Downstairs eatery is not coffee either. Last night, we ate at a great and inventive “Italian” Restaurant here in Dublin. Wonderful conversation. Good wine. Very good food. But to my shock, no espresso! According to the wait (not an Italian BTW), “No one every orders the stuff.” I got coffee. No one apparently orders that either. At least no one who likes coffee. Outside in a warm Ohio night, I spy a Starbucks. It’s closed.

My host Eric is a trooper tho. He has promised to take me to good coffee in a few minutes!

Yes I am a whiner.

Ken sends me to the GrindCam; DJ Pez the prize winning barista is setting up chairs in the cool morning. The ugly Grind Trailer is gone. Folks are sitting outside enjoying the Carolina spring. With very good coffee.

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  1. Amen to that, brother! You’ve got quite a “brew-ha” (pun intended)on your hands. Luckily, I haven’t left my neighborhood in what seems like years so the good coffee keeps pouring!

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