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Copyright Clearance Center and ibiblio?

In my box this morning, a form from the Copyright Clearance Center. Supposedly, ibiblio has some money waiting for us based on use of material on our site. Errr we don’t have that kind of stuff. So shall I fill out the complex tax form that they sent me? Or possibly abandon the money if it were to exist?


  1. Hello,

    I’m from Copyright Clearance Center and we’d be happy to address questions or concerns you may have. Youc an reach me at Best, Cheryl Razin

  2. Paul

    2/20/2007 at 6:07 pm

    Thanks Cheryl. I received a phone call from your co-worker Scott and we’ve chased down the transaction. Highly amusing someone wants to pay us for some creative commons material (as near as we can tell). I await my massive check, but they probably didn’t have to pay to use the material — if we knew what it was.

  3. “Or possibly abandon the money if it were to exist?”

    well, that’s a good one. If ibiblio and UNC abandon the money by not claiming it,
    after a few years it will escheat and under the abandoned property laws and our
    State Constitution it should be paid over to …. drum roll …
    the University of North Carolina.

  4. Paul

    2/23/2007 at 2:40 pm

    Here’s one part of the problem that I didn’t exactly detail. We often get email and pmail from organizations that want us to “renew” our registrations or to send them a bank account number or a social security number or the like. While those organizations appear at first glance to be government or government approved groups, on closer inspection they are scammers.

    Even though I called the Copyright Clearance Center and was made to understand that ibiblio now has an account there, no one could tell me how much money was involved nor could they tell me who was trying to pay us and for what. There was some handwaving about some group in Australia, but no specifics. “I can’t get to that information from this screen.” Err and I can’t send you any way to access our accounts — no matter how official the form you sent me appears to be.

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