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DRIADE Conf, Blooker PR, NPR and Internet Radio danger

Spending the day at the “Digital data preservation, sharing, and discovery: Challenges for Small Science Communities in the Digital Era” aka DRIADE conference in Durham. The minutes will be posted later — I’m promised so I’m not liveblogging the conference.

I did take a break to do a little radio on the Blooker Prize for WCHL our local AM voice. Peter Freedman writes to say that the Blooker and our winner, Colby Buzzell, were covered by the BBC alone over 15 times on different media.

In the meantime, Xeni and others alert us that NPR has, finally, decided to make a fuss about the latest challenge to Internet Radio. They do a good explanation of the history of the current problem, of solutions that are underway, and of calling you to take action.


  1. Andi Sporkin

    5/16/2007 at 6:12 pm

    Your statement that “NPR has, finally, decided
    to make a fuss” about the internet radio music royalties
    issue is ‘way off-base. We’ve been an acknowledged leader
    in this battle since the decision came out March 9: the
    first high-profile organization to speak publicly against
    it…to mobilize public radio stations, directing their
    listeners to write to Congress and culminating in station
    managers from across the country meeting with Congress in
    April…file one of the first Motions for Rehearing…
    declare our intent to file in appeals court…and much
    more. We’ve gotten praise from the media and heat from
    the music industry about it. Just Google NPR + CRB to
    see. What you’re referring to is a longstanding public
    radio advocacy site that was just updated, only the
    latest element in our campaign.
    Andi Sporkin
    Vice President for Communications, NPR

  2. Paul

    5/16/2007 at 8:42 pm

    Okay, so I should have said, NPR is finally asking the public to be involved. I’ll agree with that. Why is this “only the latest element in [your] campaign”? Were you working on a separate deal that leaves out indy not-for-profits, college radio and LPFMs — like last time out? Don’t get me completely wrong, I’m delighted to see and hear that NPR has been involved from early on. I am also amazed that there is only now a call for public involvement — and I do hope that the mobilization is broader than for just NPR members.

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