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Durham County Library Precision Book Cart Drill Team

You have to have WindowsMediaPlayer, but if you do you can see Durham Country Librarians celebrate National Library Workers Day (April 17) a little early this year.

Here in the Durham County Commissioners’ video of their meeting minutes we see the Durham County Library Precision Book Cart Drill Team in action.

Later the Chair of Commissioners reads a proclamation in honor of the workers efforts at keeping knowledge available to all citizens.

Thanks to Samiha Khanna of the News and Observer for pointing this out.


  1. Here’s an mplayer-friendly link of the commisioner’s meeting. It doesn’t appear that one can fast-forward, however.

    I will fix up a little script to automagically translate these links from the Granicus ones to the actual HTTP ones (they are useful for Raleigh City Council streams as well)


  2. On a related topic, I found this threat at the News-Record blog site, discussing Greensboro’s Granicus deal.

    I wonder if its too late to get some open-source tools out there for other local governments to use.


  3. Er, “threat” should be “thread.” Or maybe not…!

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