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Elvis + Chainsaw + Zombies = Fine Art

It came from Rawlee and will open in theaters on two continents on August 16Elvis’ Grave. Trailer of “Chainsaw scene.”


  1. On the twentieth anniversary of Elvis’s death, he rises from the grave….

  2. My father says:
    “Elvis — buried in his own back yard, like a hamster.”

  3. Paul

    8/10/2007 at 3:12 pm

    Your father is a wise man. And by the swimming pool — err I mean “meditation garden.” But with movies like this out, Elvis is not actually buried. He lives in each of us.

  4. a) I was a space cadet. THIRTIETH. Not twentieth.
    b) I went to the show on Thursday. V. low budget horrorcomedy made in 1988. Funniest bit in the Q&A session after was when someone who was at least thirty when the film was made asked “What’s with all the stripes people were wearing? Did we really dress like that in the 80s?” (Yes, yes, most of us did.)

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