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EuroSong: Dustin the Irish Turkey – odder than Lordi

Dustin the Turkey (Buzzard)
Most of us, in the USA, can understand Lordi — Finnish heavy metalists who are also heavy on costume and makeup in a monsterly way. And a song like “Hard Rock Hallelujah” sounds somewhat familiar. So when Lordi won the EuroSong contest, we were relieved that there was something there more that mind deadening Euro-pop.

But now the Irish have upped the ante but offering a sock puppet named Dustin the Turkey singing “Irelande Douze Pointe”. Oddly I think that Dustin is onto the essence of EuroSong!

As a side note, I’d say that Dustin is not a turkey as we in the USA know turkeys, but more properly — if the word proper can be used in connection with Dustin — he is a turkey buzzard.Neither birds are native to Europe, which might make Dustin the first bird of American ancestry to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest


  1. Is it just me or is the song about tourism and European unity?

  2. Paul

    2/26/2008 at 9:13 pm

    Note to the Irish:

    It has not escaped our notice here in the States that Dustin is either a turkey or a turkey buzzard (votes here are for the latter). In any case, both are exclusively New World birds.

    This would make Dustin the first entry of American ancestry to enter the Eurovision contest. This is only proper as musicians of Irish ancestry are proudly awarded American prizes regularly over here.

  3. Its just you Joey..
    “Give us another chance, we’re sorry for riverdance
    Sure Flately he’s a yank”
    Quote from the song.Dustin is hardly going to claim any so called American ancestry.
    The song for those that dont understand Eurovison is a mockery of the whole thing.
    ie Turkey dont give points to Greece and vice versa. Russia dont give points to Ukraine and vice verca etc etc.
    It has little to do with the qulaity of the song. The last few years the public got to choose which really shook things up.
    The Year that Lordi won, Lithunia came second with a song “We are the best Eurovison Song” It was this title repeated over and over.

  4. Paul

    3/1/2008 at 11:21 am

    Dustin may not love his heritage, as early Irish here were loathe to name their kids – Sean or Sioban, but we still recognize him as an Irish born American and part of a growing part of the Irish nation — see

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