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Finnish Metalmen Lordi in Eurovision Finals!

the Lovely and Talented Lordi
The masks, the metal, the giant bat wings, the song “Hard Rock Halleluja!” Yes, the fabulous Finnish Monster Men have made the finals of the otherwise banal Eurovision Song Contest finals.

Metal Temple is on the ground in Athens and posts this report of the Lordi semi-finals and the secret Lordi warm up gig.

Disclaimer: I am not a metalhead, but I’m amused that the completely silly Eurovision might be captured by these daring and darling young men. Yes, I’m pulling for Lordi!

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  1. Lordi won, nice. It`s funny that he lives near us here in helsinki (vuosaari) has 2 dogs (we have 2 also), goes to dogparks like we do, that I have never asked for his signature, not even to my kids. He`s just so ordinary. Nothing different to other dogwalkers. He plays nice music, thought. Funny.

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