Ibiblio alum Kevin Gamiel gets a story on Slashdot as he alerts us all that Obama is looking for LAMP programmers.

J-school colleague, Leroy Towns, writes a longish, informative and opinionated piece in the News and Observer about the roles of Public Information Officers handling elected officials.

Roger McGuinn releases a 22 song CD of Folk Den material called “22 Timeless Tracks”. Camilla McGuinn reports of their visit and performance at the Astronaut Hall of Fame ceremony — includes pictures of Roger and astronauts and One Laptop Per Child.

Tim Tyson explains to Peder Zane of News and Observer about his statements concerning the Duke Lacrosse cases.

Paul Fernhout has a lot of advice for Princeton University which includes getting a clue from me — I suspect about FLOSS and about ibiblio in an article called “Post-Scarcity Princeton, or, Reading between the lines of PAW for prospective Princeton students, or, the Health Risks of Heart Disease.” Thanks Paul.