GrindCam makes the “Library Line” is a weekly bulletin for University Library staff which has restricted access, so:

“Grindcam” at UL Reveals Potential Wait Time for Coffee (link only good within the UNC Library system)

Next time you’re wondering about the potential wait in line for your favorite cup of Daily Grind brew, check it out on the Grind Cam Web cam. Brought to you by, this camera is located in the R.B. House Undergraduate Library.

Peter Kramer writes in the Herald Sun on “Preparing for Disaster. His article begins:

Preparing for disaster

American Red Cross volunteers learn about setting up a shelter during an emergency training session on Monday at C.W. Stanford Middle School.

By Peter Kramer : The Herald-Sun
Feb 13, 2007 : 10:18 pm ET

HILLSBOROUGH — Ten American Red Cross volunteers walked across the gym floor at C.W. Stanford Middle School, opened the back door and opened the small van stocked with the various items they would need to convert the large room into an emergency shelter.

Stocked with 80 cots, blankets, a generator, first-aid kits, extension cords, toilet paper, registration forms and other items, the van had been towed from its usual resting place in a Hillsborough parking lot. After carrying some of the containers inside, the volunteers pored over the contents that would help shelter residents literally weather a storm or other local disaster.

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Jock Lauterer writes that the Carrboro Commons now includes podcasts and imbedded audio.

Of course, Google News finds quite a few references to ibiblio.