Generation Y loves public libraries, says Pew Survey (survey here). They are the highest percent visitors. But it’s not the books they are after, says the Reuters article on the report.

“Internet use seems to create an information hunger and it is information-savvy young people who are most likely to visit libraries,” [Leigh Estabrook, a professor emerita at the University of Illinois and co-author of a report on the survey results] said.

Internet users were more than twice as likely to patronize libraries as non-Internet users, according to the survey.
More than two-thirds of library visitors in all age groups said they used computers while at the library.

Sixty-five percent of them looked up information on the Internet while 62 percent used computers to check into the library’s resources.


The survey showed 62 percent of Generation Y respondents said they visited a public library in the past year, with a steady decline in usage according to age. Some 57 percent of adults aged 43 to 52 said they visited a library in 2007, followed by 46 percent of adults aged 53 to 61; 42 percent of adults aged 62 to 71; and just 32 percent of adults over 72.

Note: this is a telephone based survey and so would likely undercount cell using Gen Ys.

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