The new news is that Wired will be releasing an unrestricted CD at the concert (amusingly enough, the article in the WSJ will be restricted soon so I’ll find another link). Gilberto Gil, David Byrne, Town Hall and Creative Commons all have sites for your information and your pleasure.

The event will be Webcast LIVE 8-11 p.m. EDT September 21 via a custom- skinned QuickTime player featuring live audio streamed in high-quality MPEG4/AAC audio, along with a slideshow of photos that will be shot and published via the player as the event occurs. QuickTime player will be available on starting Wednesday, September 15.

Wired magazine’s "Rip. Sample. Mash. Share." compilation CD invites
listeners to copy, remix and sample these songs and others at will:

Beastie Boys ‘Now Get Busy’
David Byrne ‘My Fair Lady’
Zap Mama ‘Wadidyusay?’
My Morning Jacket ‘One Big Holiday’
Spoon ‘Revenge!’
Gilberto Gil ‘Oslodum’
Dan the Automator ‘Relaxation Spa Treatment’
Le Tigre ‘Fake French’
Paul Westerberg ‘Looking Up in Heaven’
Cornelius ‘Wataridori 2’
Matmos ‘Action at a Distance’
Source: Wired