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Gojira (Godzilla) is turning 50

Leave it to Kansas and to the university in Lawrence to hold an academic conference, “In the Footsteps of Godzilla,” in honor of Gojira’s 50th year. Meanwhile in San Francisco, the plans are more gala where more films and more Godzilla involved personalities are part of the plans for GodzillaFest which will features 20 films. Not all of the SFGF films feature Eiji Tsuburya’s suitmation character though. There are officially 27 Godzilla films from Toho. Amazon thru Celebrity Ltd lists 0ver 30 ways to buy Godzilla on video or DVD several of which are repackagings.
Godzilla is only a little younger than I am, but the lengthy lizard has inspired not only me but also my son who has said early on this his interest in life science comes from having seen Godzilla movies at an early age. Never underestimate the power of the lizard!
The real treat and the real threat to Godzilla is his creator, Toho, who has announced that the final Godzilla film, Godzilla: Final Wars, will be released in Japan on December 4th. The gossip has started on the better Godzilla sites including the TohoKingdom, Kensforce (many great photos here!), Tokyo Monsters and Monster Zero.
The last reports that Toho has taken the God out of Godzilla leaving us with the affectionate if diminished name of “Zilla.” But only the American Godzilla will be come godless. Godzilla is reserved for our suitmation favorite, while his rival, now called Zilla, is the name for the computer generated star (?) of Godzilla 98. And yes we will see the two in mortal combat!

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  1. Former Raleigh resident Dave Tompkins (once a music writer for The Independent and The Spectator) did a head-scratcher of an “interview” with Godzilla for a recent issue of Arthur Magazine. Here’s an unedited version for true Godzilla freaks!!

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