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Growing up online – Frontline 1/22 9 pm

“You have a generation faced with a society with fundamentally different properties thanks to the Internet,” says danah boyd, a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. “We can turn our backs and say, ‘This is bad,’ or, ‘We don’t want a world like this.’ It’s not going away. So instead of saying that this is terrible, instead of saying, ‘Stop MySpace; stop Facebook; stop the Internet,’ it’s a question for us of how we teach ourselves and our children to live in a society where these properties are fundamentally a way of life. This is public life today.”


  1. Oh this promo is so ripe for parody.. [Deep Voice] “She helped to stop a war. He found new bandmates. She learned about pregnancy. Growing up online. Your source for doing the RIGHT THING.” Sheesh. My parody script there isn’t funny. But it contains some reality of how the Internet is used. Why do broadcast “journalist” always go for the negative? I know it sells ads but really… WHY?

  2. Paul

    1/8/2008 at 3:48 pm

    Fear sells. Techo-panic is a wonderful seller now.

  3. I had some major issues with the press release and trailer for this Frontline episode. I talk about it at my blog:

    One of my main issues is that they don’t show very many minorities in the commercial. The minorities they do show are “trouble makers”.

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