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Hotel Peeves – Marriott edition

Michael Khoo and I were talking about the small things that hotels get wrong. We don’t want HDTV especially. We do want:

  • Better in-room coffee. It’s great to wake up and make coffee in the room, but why why why is it always crappy coffee? Only a few cents more and you would have some pleased people.
  • Thick sides the shampoo bottles. This is really annoying. You stand in the shower pinching the sides of the shampoo and nothing or next to nothing comes out. Those of us with luxuriant flowing hair are particularly annoyed. Better packaging please!
  • Annoying charges for Internet access. $10/day isn’t so bad, but at home we pay less than $10/week. Just roll the charges into the room fee and forget it. The hotel will pay less and we will be less annoyed. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been annoyed by this. Doc went on a rant in our room what the Emerging Tech Conference about this.

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  1. True. La Quinta (short cab/bus ride away) offers free Internet access. And smaller hotel bill. – Anna Gold / MIT

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