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I like Brussel Sprouts

Or is that brussels sprout or … ?

While Sally was celebrating the legacy and continued work of Martin Luther King, Jr., I was doing taxi duty all over town for our teen.

The upside was that when we needed to grab a bite to eat we were very very close to one of this area’s best eateries, The Barbecue Joint. The Joint is the only place where I have ever gotten brussel sprouts intentionally. Their sprouts are the best. Cooked with a lot of garlic and lean bacon and sliced into thin rounds and still crunchy. And you get a lot! That and a bowl of Brunswick stew (keeping with the place named food) made with wild boar and chicken. Not sure if the chicken was wild or not.


Notables noticed at the Joint: Poet Jeffery Beam and Old Ceremonialist Django Haskins and pal. Not sure if any of them were eating brussel sprouts

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  1. Recipe:

    Coat Brussels sprouts with olive oil and sprinkle pretty liberally with sea or kosher salt. Then broil on a flat, lipped pan for a few minutes, shaking the pan periodically to move the sprouts around. They’re done when some leaves have peeled off and are getting dark and crispy. 10 or 15 minutes usually does it. This is sort of a french fry treatment for sprouts that really brings out their flavor. They get a little crispy on the outside and softer on the inside but retain some moisture. I’m not typically keen on Brussels sprouts, but these I dig.

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