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I love Adium

I had three different chats open when my son told me to shutdown iChat, gTalk and Gizmo and download Adium. Why? So I would only need one client to connect to all three services plus a local Jabber server. Those are all I’ve tested so far. He has MSN Messenger on his too so we know that works.
The client, Adium, requires a plug-in for Gizmo or as they call it an Xtra. I added Homestarrunner sounds (also an Xtra) and have turned off the other clients. I added the Aqua Plus Xtra to get the little Gizmo icon. Everything (icons, buddies, etc) moved over seamlessly.
Mac OSX only. Open Source. Community supported.


  1. I’ve been happily using Adium for a while. My favorite plugin is one that let’s me put whatever track is currently playing in iTunes as my IM “staus.”

  2. those on other platforms can get the same backend with gaim but with less pretty.

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