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I Win the Sock Monkey Naming Contest

Louis Round Wilsock is the name of Meg McKee’s sock monkey. Going to check out my prize now. Sorry collegues, you should think twice before entering a naming contest in which one of the other constestants has a MFA. I am a certified creative ;->

My prize is a made-by-Meg custom sock monkey! Very nice. But now she needs a name. Photo forthcoming. She’s sitting atop a deskframe at the entry to ibiblio now.

Meg reminded me that I also won the runner-up with the name “Beverly SILS” That works fine for this monkey…


  1. What can you call such a proud member of the academy but “Sockrates”?

  2. At a wedding shower once I won a contest for thinking of the most words that have the word “sock” in them. My mother thought I cheated with the word “cassock”–thought I was making an illegal play on “Cossack.” But I knew my Anglican vestments.

  3. Anyone whom has a Sock Monkey,are all winners!

  4. The Real Paul Jones ╗ I Win the Sock Monkey Naming Contest great article thank you.

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