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IBM’s bold patent announcement Today

IBM announced a very bold announcement regarding patents and sharing. The patent giant will allow folks from the health care and education industries free use of patents for development and use within certain open-software standards for Web services, electronic forms and open document formats.
IBM Press Release to be here as soon as I take it out of a proprietary format is here or at this web site ;->
Here is a slide presentation in PDF format.
Open, archival and exchangable health records here we come!

IBM Site quote: “Open software standards lead to greater efficiency and innovation, transforming both health care and education.”


  1. Paul:

    thought you’d be interested in some further thoughts from Irving Wladaswsky-Berger about IBM’s opening of its patent portfolio for standards-based healthcare and education on our new group blog, HealthNex. (

    Also, I think we’re all interested to get the analysis of observers like you on the implications for this move to accelerate healthcare transformation.

  2. Paul

    10/25/2005 at 7:45 am

    One thing that I’ve been wondering as I mused on this is: how does one, one being IBM, decide what parts of what are the healthcare field or education? I understand the need and I understand need to target. I’m still trying to understand how to very clearly define the targets, but then I’ve not sat with a room full of very very smart lawyers working on this as I’m sure IBM has.
    I do think that document interchange and especially medical records sharing and more importantly archiving require open source and open formats. I’m delighted to see the leadership by IBM in this area.

  3. Paul:

    Defining the healthcare “ecosystem” is a big challenge. Does it include innovating the 911 emergency telephone networks? Home networking for medical devices? Government policy or regulation on reimbursement?

    The short, and therefore incomplete, answer is that the “ecosystem” is really about the complex of relationships–among patients, providers, payers, researchers, etc.– and IBM is working on many different facets of the challenge to innovate healthcare as both a web of business and part of the fabric of society.

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