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International Internet Censorship

I’m to talk to a class in International Journalism about Censorship on the Net on Wednesday. My plan is to talk about some specific instances and how they have played out. I’m not going back to the Scientology supression of USENET and of the anonymous remailers, but I may mention that. Here are the topics that I’m thinking of just now:

Is there anything I’m leaving out? Burma? err I guess I meant Myanmar. And don’t forget Wikipedia!

Technical solutions


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  1. Dear Paul,

    I looked at the solutions above but all of them seem to require access to the www, whereas I am looking for an email solution.

    Many people in Burma have email but no access to the www — either because it is very expensive to get a license to access the web or else because they are not among the categories allowed Internet access.

    There is full Internet acceess in Burma for UN offices, embassies, international organisations and, presumably, Military Intelligence. There is a server which allows access to a limited list of sites.

    Do you have any thoughts about my original question about techniques for using email?

    Best wishes,


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