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James Joyce, Copyright, Destruction and the Scholarly Pursuit

New Yorker is carrying a long and, as one might expect from New Yorker, complex and detailed article about Stephen Joyce, grandson of James, and his war with scholars. Copyright extension has aided him in his battle against scholarship, but also his battle for his family’s privacy as well as for their profits. On the side of the scholars: Larry Lessig. Lessig’s blog is silent on the topic at the moment. But entries from February 2004 and earlier (buried in comments) show that Larry’s been miffed by Stephen for some years now.

Also on BoingBoing, where I was alerted to the New Yorker article.

UPDATE: Lessig’s blog now has a post on Schloss v Joyce.

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  1. Great New Yorker article! The battle between S.J. Joyce & the Joyceans could surely be turned into an interesting novel… Or one could simply suppose the novel and fictionalize the ensuing lawsuit about the novel. (How many levels of recursion would it take for S.J. Joyce to relent to the doctrine of fair use?)

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