Jennifer Jenkins
Live blogging Duke Law’s Jennifer Jenkins’ talk about the Center for the Study of the Public Domain‘s Arts Project. Artists of all kinds need both controls and freedoms to thrive. Term expiration, Fair Use, Licenses like Creative Commons, and extralegal social practices are part of all of this tension.

Look at “Bound by Law.”

Now a scene from “Mad Hot Ballroom” in which the mother’s cell phone ring is the Rocky theme. The Rocky theme owners wanted $10K initially but were barginned down to $2500. Yikes!

Now some from “Sing Faster” about the Ring Cycle from the stage hands point of view. Originally the Simpsons were on the TV in the background. Cost for 4.5 seconds? $10K! Sound familiar. So the documentary maker subbed his own material onto the TV. Is it still a documentary?

Now on Bridgeport’s claim of owning a sample of George Clinton (note the sample was not owned by Clinton ) which was very transfered. The judge says that digital sampling of greater than one note must be licensed.

Now “The Wind Done Gone” a parody and critique of “Gone With the Wind” a case on which Jennifer worked. Is GTW the second largest selling English book (?) above a critical evaluation in a creative treatment? Mitchell estate say this book as a sequel. Pat Conroy was initially asked to write a sequel but turned them down because the estate required no mention of homosexuality or miscenegenation etc. He turned them down. Eventually “Wind Done Gone” won as did documentaries. Including documents about space alien movies (in several court cases).

Several other cases from “Bound by Law” including Ali and Elvis.

Now some on Lessig’s “Permission Culture” and the normalizing of extralegal charges and absolute copyrights.

And of copyright insurance — National Union as one company that writes. Now WIPO’s IP Comic Book [PDF] where in four panels are dedicated to your rights as a citizen.

Now some on Creative Commons (a private solutions). Note: this blog is CC licensed. Cory’s “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom” cited as a CC success as well as “Bound by Law” itself.

About the creators creations of domain — “An Army, One By One” and “Stealing Home” in which documentary filmmakers explain copyright as it impacts the art of filmmaking. Note: I was a judge for this contest.

Next book from CSPD will be on Music! And perhaps on ReMix Culture.

Questions: Will there be a book on books? Jonathan Lethlem‘s idea of allowing remix of his stories as the Promiscuous materials Project.