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Jones at NC Press Association – Friday

I’ll be one of several folks giving talks to the North Carolina Press Association on Friday. I’ve drawn a “Beyond Blogs and Pods” topic and have only 20 minutes to cover that. Others will be talking on RSS (David Jarmul of Duke), Podcasting (Ken Rogerson of Duke), Blogs (Chris Roush of UNC). Here’s what I’m thinking (but I’d be delighted to hear from you):

“Interacting with Readers in New Ways.”

The Obvious

    Attention competition
    Deliver to phones and handhelds and cars
    Deliver in new formats
    Coming of Vblogs
    Trust issues
    More and more niche-media

Using Maps for local uniqueness

Social Networks

    How does news get into a social network
    How does news get out of a social network
    What are the press relations to social networks
    What are our ethical responsibilities to social networks


    Phil Meyer was and is right — database journalism is still the future and the present
    Hyperlocalism by database aggregation
    Helping readers access data and visualize it
    Helping readers create, maintain and correct data
    Distributing the data in a way that readers can create knowledge
    Information sharing
    (more to come here)


  1. What Friday is this and where?

    I’m over at the UNC Press and would love to attend.

  2. Paul

    2/20/2006 at 3:09 pm

    the North Carolina Press Association Winter Institute will begin on Wednesday Feb 22 and I’ll be talking on Friday Feb 24 in the morning. Here’s the conference schedule — starts Wednesday!. Where: The Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center Research Triangle Park/Durham.

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