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Jones-mania in NandO

So the News and Observer didn’t cover the Triangle Bloggers Conference (that I can see) despite the 150 folks showing up (see conference blogging notes — they are all over now). Great feedback and surprising folks. Who knew that Henry Copeland lived here now (he of blogads) or Blog for America‘s Matthew Gross — just for starters.

But the News and Observer did take about 1/2 a page and dedicate it to my Valentine’s poem, Unapproachable Edens, in the Sunday Reader section.
The online version doesn’t preserve the stanza breaks so I made an improved version (the copyeditor in me insists on it being right).


  1. Henry’s been here for a year or more – he and I shared coffee at the now defunct Strong’s. Mathew Gross got a personal invitation, but showed up because his friend Stephen Fraser of leaned on him, I think. Great to have both of them, and all the others over for the confab. Thanks Paul for your guiding spirit. It was a pleasure to work with you on this.

  2. There was a News & Observer reporter there with her editor.

  3. Two comments to anonymous.
    First use your name or anonymous; don’t post under my name.
    Second, if there is a write up in NandO lemme know and I’ll link to it here. I’m a NandO subscriber but I sometimes miss things.

  4. I like your version of the p’om, Paul. Thanks for posting it!

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