He had one of the iPod grants at Duke a year ago. At this year’s debriefing, “there is no such thing as a regular iPod — now video iPod, Nano, etc” Are podcasting journalists? Complains about media overload. Now admits that he was once a reporter but then fell into academia. Trad vs New media. In which New means everything from Cable to using your Blackberry. Newspapers now do multimedia. Digital only and those that are mixed with physical. Salon now owned by WashPost which he says makes it have an offline component. A bit about a portal site like Drudge that aggregates (and comments on). Rather as having fallen to bloggers. Now on IndyMedia (hosted on ibiblio.org). What is news and are they reporters? A look at the indymedia.org Is Bill O’Reilly or John Stewart a journalist? Data smog complaint. A bit about the Yes Men with out naming them shows Gatt.com. Now “Tuned Out” why college students don’t watch the news. Show IFRA news of the future from 2000.
98% of the podcasts aren’t news, he says. A bit on John Stewart.
Finally to podcasting. No headlines but news analysis. Podcasting just another tool. Wired (March 2005)’s End of Radio article [hee hee remember their Long Boom issue just before the .com collapse -pj]. Pitches branding and tech integration.