Proof that I am not a Communist:
North Korea’s formerly pompadoured leader Kim Jong Il declares war on long hair (on men only). An AP article on Salon reports:

Among the campaign’s hairdos and don’ts: Hair must be kept no longer than two inches. The only exception is for older men, who are given an extra four-fifths of an inch to hide baldness.

The dictum claims that long hair hampers brain activity by taking oxygen away from nerves in the head.

North Korea’s campaign does not mention any rules for women and gives no explanation as to why their long hair would not result in reduced brain activity.

The last Korean opponent of long hair, the South’s Park Chung-hee, managed to hold the hair down for a few years in the 70s, but as the AP story tells us:

Park was murdered by his own spy chief in 1979, and long hair — dyed in a variety of colors — is now widely accepted in South Korea.

So hands off the hair there, “Dear Leader”

Boing Boing beat AP to the story having a long piece on Jan 10.

I am not a Communist, but I am a member for the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists. Brain oxygen must be overrated.