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The cool rain came across the mountains last night and this morning’s breeze is clearing off the fog. Brought my espresso machine so’s I can sit out and take in nature and list a few links worth reading:

Eric Muller’s quest to learn about his Uncle Leo’s heroism and then his death in the hands of the Nazis is discussed on State of Things (archived here)

Larry Lessig leaves copyfighting to fight corruption. He tells us all here.

BBC reports that “Half of Britons are e-mail addicts” with 30 and 40-somethings more dependent on e-mail than teens. Teens and 20s are more SMS but less said there about that.

Google gets political and comes out strong on their policy blog for Net Neutrality.

Marc Andreessen explains how to do and not do startups on his blog as he also gets his dander up about Bono and Africa (with a little help from Blooker judge and Observer writer Nick Cohen).


  1. Both Google and Intel wrote letters to Gov. Easley, Speaker Hackney, and other Reps against HB1587. This bill is a serious attack on Net Neutrality on a very local level.

  2. Paul

    6/20/2007 at 10:10 am

    Thx. I was looking for those links too.

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