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More Heroic: Tux 2.0 (next Monday)

Getting lined up for a trip to DC for the next step in the Computerworld Honors Program. We are among the 5 finalists for the 21st Century Achievement Awards which will be announced at a ceremony at the National Building Museum next Monday evening. The Open Video project is a finalist in their area so we’ll be driving up with my collegue Barbara Wildemuth and will be met there by Gary Marchionini.
This event calls for tux and medal so I’ve ordered up the monkey suit again from the wonderful O’Neill’s.
We’ll be staying at the Cosmos Club (thanks to Jose-marie Griffiths) and although our time in DC will be brief (less than 24 hours), we’re looking forward to a grand time.
Directly after that I’ll be on the plane to Denver for the JCDL 2005.

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  1. What am I not getting? The link to the National Building Museum goes to Keanu Reeves on IMDB.

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