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My Finnish Readers’ Lordi-mania

Since the Lordi Eurovision VICTORY last night, this blog’s readership from Finland has exceeded that coming from the US or any other country. The count has been varying from 35 t0 23% Finnish in the past say 18 hours with over 80% of the readers coming from Europe in the wee Eastern Daylight Hours.

There are a few whiny Russians who are trying to claim a win even though Dima Bilan is almost 50 points behind the lovely and talented Lordi.

Also the VoteLordi folks explain why they nearly took their support site completely off the net. They mostly removed all links and put up a disclaimer saying that they would explain later — now they have.

See also Mr. Lordi’s short interview after the victory. and the BBC article and interview with the Lordi.


  1. Nothing like a devil-faced ogre holding a Pepsi to bring out the Old North State fans. I wonder if this song could win the Eurovision contest, its lyrics are almost ABBA quality:

    … hits the spot,
    Twelve full ounces, that’s a lot.
    Twice as much for a nickel, too,
    Pepsi Cola is the drink for you.
    Nickel, nickel, nickel, nickel, nickel, nickel, nickel …

    To cap it off, the post on the disclaimer is absolutely incredible. Some of the best, if somewhat off-color, descriptions of boneheadedness I’ve read.

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