NC Literary Festival
Come see us @nc_litfest‘s Twitter & Literature Panel Tomorrow Sept 12 at 10 am @mightymur @waynesutton & @smalljones Moderator @hartzog / in Murphey Hall at UNC. Full Saturday schedule here.

I plan to talk about several poetic experiments: @haikuoftheday and @sonnets for two and ask for others. One fairly complex moderated Twitter Haiku collective from Phil Boiarski.

I’ll also contrast @PatrickHerron‘s use of Twitter based on this statement:

I often use twitter in series posts (1of2, 2of2, etc.) to go just a little bit further than aphorisms. Or to just sort of “toss up” fragments of text that are scheduled to land in pieces in my new project. Twitter then acts as a sort of ‘locus of detachment” where I can put things in public and be done with the personal dimension once and for all.

with Philip Boiarski’s much more personal statement:

Twitter has been a life saver for me as a poet. I have a real life gig to support my poetry habit. Now, in my : ( sixty fourth year under heaven, I am not, by nature, a man who takes lightly his obligations to spouse and family. How one dares to have a family, a life, more than a tent and a horse, the muse has yet to explain to me. My workday doesn’t make it easy to make notes, or jot down ideas for poems, lines that come to me, etc. The 140 characters in a tweet seem to me to be of a perfect length to hold in mind until a minute frees up to iPhone, keyboard, thwirl, them in. I now link them to my blog about writing and am running there a “Twitter Experiment” (It’s at Boiarski theblog if you want to see). I have thousand plus fans many of whom are poets, avid readers, amateurs, etc. and they react and clue me as to what hits a chord, what I might take time to write further into on the weekend or evenings. So for me, the tweet has taken the place of the little ring notebook I used to carry in my pocket. But now, I write it where a thousand folks can read and react. I have a friendly place to try out my words and objective input into what communicated to real folks and not to just my idea of an audience.

And these two notes from Robin Black:

1) Best 140-character story submitted to our booth at #BrooklynBookFestival or tweeted to @onestorymag wins subscription + dinner with OS staff

2) Georgia Review recently blogged about what Michael Martone is doing with Twitter. I don’t have that link, but his nom de Tweet is @4foraquarter. He’s writing a book about things that come in fours and has used Twitter to explore the idea.

Twitter = epigram, epigraph, epitaph, epithet, epilogue, episode, epiphany, epic, epicenter, epidemic? an epistle to an epicene epicure? the epidermis of an epistemological epitome’s epicyclical by an epiphenomenonal episcopal epigone?

I can also talk about small groups vs larger groups vs broadcast and “thick” vs “thin” tweets if you like.