Tomorrow’s talk outline without links (Sorry).

Beyond Blogs and Pods

GIS, Databases, Social Networks, Attention and the Obvious

The Obvious
Attention Economy
Deliver to phones and handhelds and cars
Deliver in new formats
Coming of Vblogs
Trust, Reputation and Feedback issues
More and more niche-media (Long Tail)


Phil Meyer was and is right — database journalism is still the future
Hyperlocalism by database aggregation
Helping readers access and visualize
Helping readers create, maintain and correct data
Distributing the data in a way that readers can create knowledge
Information sharing

Using Maps for local uniqueness
Google maps API for Gas Prices
Durham Police Area Crimes
Gov’t Facilities and Services (Orange)
Tax Maps and more (Wake)
NC OneMap Project
National Map . Gov

Social Networks
How does news get into a social network
How does news get out of a social network
What are the press relations to social networks
What are our ethical responsibilities to social networks